Gulfstream G650


Where do you want your G650 to take you?


Charter a Gulfstream G650 Private Aircraft for Worldwide travel. The G650 is one of Gulfstream's newest editions to it's already impressive list of manufactured planes and truly upholds the Gulfstream reputation. Taking up to 18 passengers on Long Distance flights in absolute luxury, the G650 really is setting a benchmark for aircraft manufacturers across the globe.


Type: Long Range Business Jet
Powerplant: Two Rolls-Royce BR725 Turboprop Engines
Span: 98ft 5in
Length: 98ft 5in
Max Speed: 610mph


To Rent a Gulfstream G650 Private Aircraft call Private Jet Charter now. We can arrange Hotel/Luxury accommodation and Private Chauffeur driven transfer with your flight too.



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