Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) / BBJ 2


Where do you want your ACJ318 Corporate Jet to take you?

The "BBJ" luxury VIP airliner, has a non-stop range of over 6,000 nautical miles, which means it can fly half way around the world, landing and taking off from practically all airports that a smaller executive can utilise. For those who find the earlier BBJ too small, the BBJ2 might just fit the bill, with a cabin 25 percent (29 feet!) longer. These planes are available in a range of configurations - the BBJs can be found with 16 First Class seats, a flying office, boardroom, hotel, cinema and restaurant all in one - or can alternatively seat up to fifty passengers in top luxury, with all the facilities you have come to expect from such a high class aircraft. Interested in chartering a long range VIP airliner such as the BBJ or BBJ2? Call, email or use the online enquiry form now for a quotation.



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