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  • Airbus ACJ318 Corporate Jet


    Where do you want your ACJ318 Corporate Jet to take you?

    Charter a Airbus ACJ318 VIP luxury Airliner. With a lounge area, bar, bedrooms, boardroom and more to be custom configured the ACJ318 is perfect for large amounts of people to travel in absolute luxury.

    Type: Long Range Business Jet
    Powerplant: Twin Jet CFM56-5B9/3 or PW6124
    Span: 98.5 ft
    Length: 103 ft
    Max Cruise Speed: 624.48 mph


    Lease a Airbus ACJ318 Private Jet to anywhere in the world. Call us on the number below or email us at info@turkeyaviation.com
    Private Jet Charter can also provide luxury transfers and accommodation for you when booking your ACJ318, call the number below or email us at  info@turkeyaviation.com



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